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Our Philosophy

Urban greenery and parklands are a means whereby humans can restore to nature some of the resources that they denied it by building their town and cities. The environmental and economic costs of greenery vary on the basis of the planning criteria adopted and plants used. These costs can become more sustainable and can also be significantly lowered by using the plants of our flora and by drawing inspiration from plant communities.

Planning, using and (re-)producing naturally may foster the diffusion of an ecological awareness, with gardens, avenues, rooftops, walls and balconies used for environmental rebalancing (at least in part). Islands of nature in a sea of cement.

We cherish all plant species, the ways they live together and interact on order to occupy locations, the fauna to which they provide sustenance and shelter.

We cherish beauty, the morphological and functional adaptations of plants to the environments in which they can thrive and survive, characterizing natural landscapes and townscapes.

We cherish protect and create space for natural habitats; we conserve the processes that govern the dynamics of our habitats, in full awareness that humans cannot survive without plants. 

We cherish towns and cities that are liveable, the genius loci, identities of landscapes, recognsability of locations, shared wellbeing.

We cherish knowledge of and respect for locations; awareness as consumers; energy savings; sustainability; design work inspired by nature.

We cherish connectivity, ecological networking, green infrastructures, urban permeability, resilience, cohabitation and knowledge sharing.

We cherish sowing and nurturing new ideas, respectful of locations, times and spaces, seasons and people.


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